About Us



What's Up? My name is Moza! I am the sole founder of TimeSeed. I launched late in 2017, all in all TimeSeed was an experiment for myself to see if I had what it took to be an entrepreneur.

And Since....the love and support I've got from TimeSeed was beyond my expectations and have consistently tried to create a brand that not only provides dope pieces for your wardrobe...but to also represent the culture. Fashion is Art...and...Art is Fashion so I try to reflect that in the collections I bring to the table. 

I'm committed and dedicated to providing the latest trends and fashion to my customers. I take great pride in serving our community, and providing fashion pieces, so that you can express your style. Since our launch, I've had over 3,000 customers, slowly but surely becoming a presence in our community

If you like what we do! Share our voice! Share TimeSeed, help us grow new heights.  


And I'm always open to growth, if you have any suggestions reach out to me on LinkedIn: Moza Anthony