About Us



TimeSeed launched early in 2017. Since then we have sold hundreds of watches to people across the globe. 


We're committed and dedicated to providing the latest trends and fashion to our customers. We take great pride in serving our community, and providing fashion pieces, so that you can express your style.  


Which is why we have our free watch offer right now, to serve as a gift from TimeSeed. All we ask is that you pay shipping. 


We are sure you will absolutely LOVE the watches we sell and wear them a lot.

People will ask where you got them... and you will say TimeSeed

We're hoping that you can share your love for our watches via word of mouth, and help us to grow to new heights. 


Since our launch, over 20% of customers who got a free watch have bought an additional paid watch. And all of our buyers have loved our watches so far. 


Our free watch promotion will be ending soon. We now have a powerful brand which has reached Thousands of people. We will soon no longer need to give away free watches in order to advertise. So if you would like a free watch, act fast!


What about the quality?


In order for this campaign to work, we need you to wear them so people will ask. Think about it...

If they weren't great, you wouldn't wear them and you wouldn't recommend us.

That would result in a colossal waste of money for us. Why would we want to lose money?


Theres no hidden charges, Honestly, you only pay shipping. 

We are 100% transparent with our costs. We cover the product costs, but you will still have to cover the shipping.


To find out the exact shipping cost to your location, you'll have to add a watch to your cart and go to the checkout. After you fill in your address our system will calculate the exact shipping and handling cost.